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Frankford DART Station

Carrollton, Texas




The work of Austrian artist,  Hundertwasser provided inspiration for the colorful column design.  The objective was to offer riders a visual surprise upon arrival at the platform.  An undulating pavement design weaves down the platform and continues out onto the station plaza and connecting walkways.















For this northern most station of the DART light rail system the public art was designed to create a vibrant gateway entrance to the system. The objective of the public art was to create an experience for the light rail user needing to locate the platform which had to be constructed between two warehouses. The challenge was to make it comfortable, enticing and visually enjoyable to ascend to the platform and move to the areas necessary for boarding the trains.  The surface of the access ramp wall was covered with a playful design fabricated in ceramic tile. The same design was painted along the top edge of the spiral wayfinding monument, the station’s focal point.






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